Nestlé NAN 2 Follow Up Formula With Optipro TIN

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Origin: Philippines

NAN OPTIPRO 2 is a spray dried Follow-up formula designed for infants after 6th month onwards when they are not breastfed.

Proteins are called the “Bricks of Life” as with the highest quality and optimum quantity proteins you can build a strong foundation for your child’s development.

NAN OPTIPRO 2 provides your baby with nutrients that are essential for optimal physical and mental development. NAN OPTIPRO 2 contains:

OPTIPRO, an optimized protein blend exclusively to NAN that is unique in both quality and amount. It supplies the right amount of proteins needed for your baby’s optimal growth without overloading immature organs.

BIFIDUS BL is a probiotic culture that helps to reinforce your baby’s defense system.

DHA and ARA, two special fatty acids found in breast milk, which are important for your baby’s immune defense system and contribute to the development of brain and vision.

Keep in mind that there is no substitute of or equivalent to breast milk.

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